Just me messing around with different effects and things you can do with illustrator.


What I’ve Been Upto

Hello Everybody,

I still live. Here’s what I’ve been up to during my course at what is now called Somerset College. It was called SCAT but apparently that doesn’t google well. Go figure. All the work except once or two pieces has been done by hand due to course requirements. I’ll let you guess the computer ones.


The idea here was that we were given a word and had to turn it into a picture of itself. Think it’s pretty obvious.


This was a modernist style piece that was linked to a couple of other pieces I had to put together. Anti-Advertising. Although the message is probably completely lost in the translation. The idea was that these would be placed over other advertising pieces like billboards.

Below are the companion pieces for the Modernist piece above.


Linocut 3 process print, I actually made 10 of these and this was the best.


A1 broadsheet style poster. Done in A1. The fonts except the main body are my own design.


Victorian style can. Not a huge fan. I wanted bright colours so I used acrylic paints but I’m not overly proficient in their use.


This was a poster designed for the brief of showing two things (the charity and the modern art) in the same image.

So this is everything I did previously and I’m working at the moment on a packaging brief which I will probably post tommorow.

I’m a Bad Blogger

I’m honestly pretty terrible at writing down what I’m thinking, and doing it consistently is a nightmare. Although I seem to have done alright when it comes to my course, maybe it’s just my multitasking that is terrible, who knows. My first two modules for my course are completed and I have excellent marks for them. I will probably post up some of the work I did on here in the near future. In the meantime I just came across a fun little video that I thought people might like.



Jim Henson really was a genius.

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Starting Foundation Degree Monday

So yeah, the big news I’ve not been sharing is that I’m sort of starting a Foundation Degree in Graphic Design on Monday. We have an initial design task and that task is to design an A3(ish) poster with a motto or truism or quote or similar.

ImageJust something a little quirky, tried to paste something without first copying a picture or using cut or paste at all since boot and got the above.

Very odd. I kinda like it though.


Just something …

Focus IX

Trying my hand at some minimalist abstract.

This picture actually has a bit going on in it. But maybe that’s only cause I know what’s going on. If that makes sense.

Also I don’t know how you can present something like this well digitally, it seems so flat. I tried to add a little depth to it without removing the original premise with an overlay.

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Down But Not Out

So I got my computer back quite a while ago actually. The internet has been giving me problems during the evening though and it’s just a pain to do anything with the internet.  Also got busy with a couple of new jobs and various different things.

I’m still doing a bit of sketching and all this but not anything that I’ve wanted to post but stick I’m hoping over the next few weeks that I might be able to get a few new things up here.

Nothing New

My computer is in the shop for repairs and upgrades, hoping it will take less than a week.

In the meantime my laptop is getting more and more temperamental so I’ll be doing less and less I guess.

Reading a lot of design books and have started understanding a lot more what I like. Stop stealing sheep and start thinking about type is a really good book if for no other reason than it gives a very solid base for fonts that you can use for various situations.

Polly Wan’a Cracker

Been trying out some new stuff, first one was an attempt at creating a word picture I guess, I have no idea if these things have a proper name.

The original picture can be found here. I used it because I took the photo myself and it’s one of the few that I actually have access to at the moment.

The photo was selected with the ellipse tool in Gimp and a feather of 100 pixels.

I then took the ipsum lorem generated words and a white background selected the words and inverted the selection, cut that out and pasted it on top of the picture.

The second picture I’ve done was more of a straight follow of a tutorial that I came across, with a few tweaks.

The parrot I got from here.

The flowers from here and here.

The paper from here.

Been having a lot of fun in between trying to come up with a logo for this blog. Now that’s tricky, following tutorials is pretty simple in comparison to be honest. When I next get the time I think I’m just going to sit down with gimp and play with different filters.

Been looking at the cost of new computers and wondering if I should just get a Mac. Seems to be the Graphics Design industry standard and I don’t totally hate them.

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Inspire Poster

Went back to one of the tutorials I saw an age ago and never really got around to having a go at.

I used everything the guy in the tutorial uses so same credits as that except for the following.

The font is Super Retro which I modified quite heavily.

I also added the German flag gradient as I thought it add a little more depth and interest to the rainbow gradient.

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