Polly Wan’a Cracker

Been trying out some new stuff, first one was an attempt at creating a word picture I guess, I have no idea if these things have a proper name.

The original picture can be found here. I used it because I took the photo myself and it’s one of the few that I actually have access to at the moment.

The photo was selected with the ellipse tool in Gimp and a feather of 100 pixels.

I then took the ipsum lorem generated words and a white background selected the words and inverted the selection, cut that out and pasted it on top of the picture.

The second picture I’ve done was more of a straight follow of a tutorial that I came across, with a few tweaks.

The parrot I got from here.

The flowers from here and here.

The paper from here.

Been having a lot of fun in between trying to come up with a logo for this blog. Now that’s tricky, following tutorials is pretty simple in comparison to be honest. When I next get the time I think I’m just going to sit down with gimp and play with different filters.

Been looking at the cost of new computers and wondering if I should just get a Mac. Seems to be the Graphics Design industry standard and I don’t totally hate them.

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One thought on “Polly Wan’a Cracker

  1. Both are really neat!

    As for your computer, I’d say go with one that has good specs for what you need and don’t base your decision purely on the OS. I got a Samsung with exactly what I was looking for (aside from the non-removable battery part)

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