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Polly Wan’a Cracker

Been trying out some new stuff, first one was an attempt at creating a word picture I guess, I have no idea if these things have a proper name.

The original picture can be found here. I used it because I took the photo myself and it’s one of the few that I actually have access to at the moment.

The photo was selected with the ellipse tool in Gimp and a feather of 100 pixels.

I then took the ipsum lorem generated words and a white background selected the words and inverted the selection, cut that out and pasted it on top of the picture.

The second picture I’ve done was more of a straight follow of a tutorial┬áthat I came across, with a few tweaks.

The parrot I got from here.

The flowers from here and here.

The paper from here.

Been having a lot of fun in between trying to come up with a logo for this blog. Now that’s tricky, following tutorials is pretty simple in comparison to be honest. When I next get the time I think I’m just going to sit down with gimp and play with different filters.

Been looking at the cost of new computers and wondering if I should just get a Mac. Seems to be the Graphics Design industry standard and I don’t totally hate them.

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